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Welcome to the NMMA Engineering Standards Department, provider of NMMA Certification, the premier product certification program for boats, yachts, boat trailers and PWC in the United States.  In this section, you will find detailed information on the many services we offer boat, trailer and component manufacturers.

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The new NMMA Certification video by Boattest.com


In a letter the Coast Guard commended the partnering effort between ABYC and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to implement the use of all relevant ABYC standards in the NMMA Boat and Yacht Certification Program. The Coast Guard has previously promoted both the ABYC standards and the NMMA Boat Certification Program. Now that ABYC and NMMA have teamed up we can concentrate our outreach efforts on advising new boat buyers to look for the label in the boat that states "NMMA Certified Using ABYC Standards". We firmly believe that boats certified to ABYC standards possess a higher measure of safety and we will continue to wholeheartedly endorse this fact.

USCG Rear Admiral James W. Underwood

I have personally been involved with the NMMA Certification Program since 1969. I have seen it grow into a great source of information. To any young engineer starting out in the marine industry, the Certification Program is the fundamental training tool by which he or she will be guided throughout their career. The best minds in the business have had input into the program. To not take advantage of it is unimaginable.

John Deurr, Premier Pontoons

I thought a quick note was in order regarding the new boat show signage touting the benefits of NMMA certified boats: TERRIFIC! As you know, we have been strong supporters of the program since the early days (I believe we were the second sailboat builder certified--and only because of the order that we were on the desk!) but the certification program has no meaning to the public unless we tell 'em what it means. You are starting to do that in a very admirable way. I support the efforts, and hope there is enough in the budget to continue to educate the buyers about the all the benefits of buying an NMMA Certified vessel!

Bill Bolin, Island Packet Yachts